All Digital Products Exist in an Analog World

At some point digital must meet reality. While it makes sense to market digital products on digital channels, a product demonstration in a real life setting is more impactful than a banner ad - without the dangers of click fraud. Put the human touch into your digital product to create a long lasting impression.

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Demo your App to generate Installations and Reviews

Discover the Power of Personal Demonstration

In digital environments, it is too easy for the user to click off your app before they experience the full functionality it has to offer. Retain the user focus and generate excitement about your app.

Hard as you try to create the most intuitive UI, some folks will not immediately pick up on the screen flow. Having a trained brand ambassador guiding the user through your application can make the difference.

Storage space is precious - before committing space to an untried app, a consumer wants to know more about the benefits. By providing a demonstration you can turn reluctant users into adopters.

Enhance your App Store or Google play Rating - you can achieve thousands of installations and reviews in one weekend at a premier event. Give your app instant validity.

The event connection is critical - associating your app with the event and the brand ambassador demonstration will provide a lasting impression of your app.

50% of app discovery is attributed to referral by a friend or family member. Deliver a powerful and memorable interaction and create users and brand advocates.

When the connection is made, future impressions via other channels become even more powerful.

The experience can't be reproduced in any digital channel.

We believe that your marketing budget should be an investment, not a cost.

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